Materials & Process

We use corn and mash and water, some yeast…

We mash and then we ferment and then distill and then age then taste and barrel select and then bottle…

Bourbon Liqueur & Heart
Soul of Mystic


Mystic is located at 1212 N. Mineral Springs Rd, Durham, NC 27703. We have built out a 3000 square foot distillery on our 20+ acre farm.

The first of our two main buildings on our property hosts the tasting room and distillery. The other building is being utilized for R&D and bottling and fulfillment. 


Our rickhouse is where we age our bourbon and other spirits in oak barrels. The whiskey is aged 2-6 years into bourbon, while other spirits like brandy, rum and others are aged until they are ready for release. 



Tour the Triangle’s only farm distillery!  Explore how we create the ultimate handmade small batch bourbon from the ground up. See the production process first-hand from the grain fields to the bottling line, and taste the grains, aging spirits and finished products.

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