Broken Oak


Available for pick up only at the distillery. Pick up orders are available for immediate pick up at 1212 N. Mineral Springs Rd, Durham, NC 27703 between 10 AM – 5 PM Monday through Saturday. Please pick up within 48 hours of placement.

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Available for pick up only at the distillery. Please pick up within 24-48 hours of placement, Monday-Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

There is a story behind this rare spirit. Learn more by watching the video.

Release Notes

Release No. 2 – May 2020 Broken Oak is a special release from a run of leaking barrels. The whiskey was double-oaked in new barrels and carries a unique floral nose and a deep smooth toffee finish. Released in limited runs, 1 barrel at a time. 750ml 94 proof/47% Alc./Vol. Distilled and Bottled by Mystic Farm & Distillery, Durham, North Carolina.