Single Barrel Experience

Have you ever wished you could be a bourbon distiller?  Are you looking for an incredible gift that will last a lifetime?  The customized and private Single Barrel Experience allows you to spend a day creating a barrel of bourbon and return each year for a sampling of the maturing spirit.

Make your own barrel of Bourbon Whiskey from start to finish.  Held on a Saturday from 9 am to approximately 2:30 pm, this 5+ hour experience puts our distillery and staff at your service. Starting from grain milling and ending at barreling, you conduct the mashing and distilling process and learn distilling details, few outside the industry experience. You will take home a bottle of your unaged spirit immediately.  After laser engraving the barrel head with your inscription, you will fill your own barrel that will be put up in our rick house for aging.  Each year you may return to sample your aging spirit and take home a pint sample.  When your barrel is ready for bottling, you will receive the first production bottle and you have dibs on the purchase of as many cases as you like.  You also have dibs on purchasing the empty barrel, or just the head.

Price of $599 includes all of the above, lunch, a tasting snifter, a bottle of your unaged spirit, and a limited edition work shirt.  You may bring one additional person to join in the experience at no charge, but each additional participant or couple takes home a snifter and a bottle. You can also take home shirts or other merchandise that we have available.  We recommend limiting your group to 3 couples maximum.  

Yes, we can definitely provide a Gift Certificate! For a Gift Certificate or to learn more and to reserve your Single Barrel Experience, please call us or email us.

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